Coeur d'Alene Spine and Brain clinicians and staff deliver the highest possible standard of care to our patients.  Advanced spine care with bot operative and non-operative techniques is provided in a mulitdiciplinary outpatient clinic.  This center of excellence model is a format designed to achieve the best results.

Continuous attention is given to the procedural techniques, included those of surgery.  Emphasis is placed on methods that treat spine problems in the least invasive way.  This includes minimally invasive spine surgery.

Minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS Spine) refers to specialized spine surgery techniques performed through small incisions with minimal disruption of the muscles, ligaments, and other tissues  that support the spine.  Specialized instruments including retractors, microscopes, endoscopes, and spinal instrumentation allow specially trained spine surgeons to perform just about every spine surgery including discecomtomies, laminectomies, and even fusions by minimally invasive techniques.  New techniques and skills are required by surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgeries.  These evolving techniques require specialized training.   MIS Spine results in less blood loss, shorter hospitalization times (usually outpatient or 24 hour observation), less pain, quicker recovery, and fewer complications. 

There is no question about it, minimally invasive spine surgery has better results and higher patient satisfaction than "traditional" open spine surgery.

Newer minimally invasive techniques, such as MIS TLIF (minimally invasive spine, trans-foraminal lumbar interbody fusion), and Lateral Lumbar Fusion are often performed in the outpatient setting with better results.  These outpatient lumbar fusions have less blood loss, shorter recovery time, and lower infection rates, which means better results.  Patient satisfaction is much higher.

Patients, like you, are becoming savvier and more informed about potential options, and many more patients are asking for minimally invasive techniques.  It is dependent on the physician to stay updated with the advanced techniques in spine surgery.

Dr. Larson has been involved with minimally invasive spine surgery since his residency training, which he completed in 1997.  He has patents in minimally invasive spine techniques, and is active in each aspect of minimally invasive spine surgery, including research, and teaching.  Dr. Larson has maintains the highest level of certification with the American Board of Neurosurgery.

Dr. Buchanan joined CDA Spine and Brain and 2014 after finishing a Neurosurgery Residency at UCLA and a Spine Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.  He brings with him a fresh look at treatment options to complement the already proven treatment protocols at CDA Spine and Brain.  

Continue your research in the best options for your spine surgery.



Patient testimony regarding MIS Spine.  Lateral lumbar fusion.  Karens_StoryMIS1.pdf