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CDA Spine's Team Approach

CDA Spine of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho provides services for many patients with a wide spectrum of spine & back problems. These services are best-delivered by a team approach carefully coordinated by Dr. Jeffrey Larson, Dr. Ludwig, and the nurse practitioner who are an integral part of this spine care team here at CDA Spine.

Dr. Larson and his nurse practitioners will thoroughly review your initial examination, imaging studies, and any vital information related to your anticipated surgery or treatment.

For your convenience, you may elect to schedule a "work in" evaluation with a nurse practitioner in order to accommodate your schedule and expedite your evaluation. The nurse practitioners are well-trained in the evaluation of spine disorders and understand the principal of the minimally invasive techniques that Dr. Larson often uses to treat them.  It will be Dr. Larson, a board certified neurosurgeon, who will explain and perform any proposed surgery. Other appointments will be coordinated by Dr. Larson or his nurse practitioners under Dr. Larson's careful supervision. Of course, if a new surgical problem develops, Dr. Larson will be happy to reevaluate you and make sure you receive the best care available in the Northwest.